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Monday, 9 October 2017

Days out - Alnwick Gardens and Castle

Hello there,

Last month we travelled up to Liverpool for the Curve Fashion Festival. As luck would have it, we found ourselves with some spare time, so decided to make a mini holiday of being up north (bearing in mind we live in Southampton, so anything past the M4 is north for us...).

One of the first places we visited was Alnwick Gardens and Castle. This was a win win situation as the other half wanted to visit the Poison Garden and the Harry Potter fan in me was dying to see where the famous broomstick scenes were filmed.

First off, the gardens. We were so lucky with the weather - even though we spent a far bit of time dodging showers, it was still warm enough for ice creams outside. Could have been worse!

I had an audience watching me do this - didn't care!

We spent the morning in the gardens and then walked over to the Castle which took about 10 mins (20 mins if you kept stopping for selfies...)

 Yep - this was never going to work in the wind...

I really wanted to see the areas where the broomstick scenes in Harry Potter were shot - and to my delight, they even had some broomstick lessons going on while we were there! It's definitely a place to visit if you're a fan, with lots of HP goodies in the gift shop.

I think to do both the Gardens and Castle in one day is pushing it. I felt like there was bits in both we didn't have enough time to explore. But I guess that just gives us a good reason to go back in the future.

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Curve Fashion Festival - Liverpool

Hello there,

I can't believe it's nearly 3 weeks since The Curve Fashion Festival was held in Liverpool. I missed last years, but after going to the 2015 one which was held in Manchester. I was determined not to miss another!

After an epic drive up from Southampton (transportation Star Trek style would be a marvelous thing...) we arrived in Warrington. I say we, my other half was with me, but had his own plans for the day.

The plan was for a leisurely morning and a short trip from Warrington to Liverpool. I hadn't quite planned on such awful weather and a scenic detour through the back roads of Liverpool though. Eventually, flustered and slightly soggy, we arrived.

The obligatory nervous hotel room selfie before the event, and the soggy view from the window.

There seemed to be so much more to look at than I expected, so the I think the best thing I can do is give a visual summary of all the things that caught my eye and the lovely people I met.

The first stand I stopped at was Lindy Bop - so many new prints coming soon (unicorn shoes anybody?).

The very lovely Hayley from Curves and Curls was on the Studio 8 stand

The main sponsors New Look had a huge stand at the end of the hall, I could have spent a small fortune here

River Island (as usual) had some beautiful items

Some other bits and pieces that I loved on the day

And as I always say, the best thing about events like this is catching up with friends and making new ones.

There's always that person who goes to the wrong place for the group photo and then has to run and squeeze in on the end...oh wait...that's me! Oops.

And finally, I need this wall for all future blog photos. It's much nicer than my side wall.

My outfit details were: dress from TU at Sainsburys, size 22 (old), cardigan from Primark, size 20 and trainers from Converse.

The whole day flew by, I met so many people, missed so many people (next time!) and can't wait to do it all again next year (without the rain maybe please).

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Outfit August - the last day!

So here we are, the end of August and (for me anyway) the end of summer. It's also the end of Outfit August and while I haven't posted as many outfits as I'd like, I've enjoyed seeing what everyone else wore this month.

Recently we went out (on a week night as well!) to a new Miller & Carter restaurant that was opening almost on our doorstep. I wanted to look smart, but comfortable as I had a feeling there was going to be a lot of food involved.

This is a dress I bought in the sales probably a couple of years ago at least. I remember loving it, but never had much occasion to wear it. I should have sold it, charity shopped it etc, but I just loved it too much, so every time there was a wardrobe clear out - it survived.

I teamed it with a denim jacket from Next which is becoming a firm favourite and this beautiful tapestry bag from Primark. It's completely useless as a bag - by the time you get your keys and glasses in it's full - but it's so pretty!

And I was right about there being a lot of food - the evening ended with this (reminding me of the golden snitch from Harry Potter!).

Don't forget to check out the other lovely ladies who took part in Outfit August:


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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A bumper weekend at the Fairground Heritage Centre

Hello there,

I'm a big kid at heart (if you hadn't already guessed) so when we were near the Fairground Heritage Centre in Devon recently - we just had to visit.

This is an indoor attraction (perfect for the British Summer) that houses a variety of fairground history and rides. And the best bit? It's completely hands-on.

There's rides, stalls and the good old fashioned penny arcades, most of which can be played with or climbed on and ridden. And there's staff on hand to make sure you get on and off in one piece.

When you buy your entrance ticket you can get tokens which you exchange for the rides. If you get carried away and go on lots of rides (like me), you can buy extra tokens (like I had to...).

After you've exhausted yourself on the rides, there's a heritage section looking at the history of fairgrounds. Perfect way to unwind before heading for a cuppa in the Carousel Cafe.

We were slightly out of season - so there were a lot more adults than children, but to be honest, we were all kids that day. I can't wait to go back!!

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Days out - Knightshayes Court, Devon

Hello there,

Earlier this year we spent a (soggy) week in Devon - which looking back seemed to be a warning of the weather ahead for the year!

Despite that, we still managed to get out and about and one of the places on our list was Knighthayes Court in Devon. This is a beautiful Victorian gothic revival house which had been home to Joyce Wethered, regarded as golf's greatest British female player. We last visited here 11 years ago and it seems to have been on our list of `places we should go back to' ever since.

It has the most beautiful house and gardens. Perfect for history lovers and gardeners (so that was us both happy then).

Am I the only one who wishes they could stay the night in houses like this?

I need a plant like this for home for all future blog photos please.

The grounds were beautiful - and one of the best things? There were families and children enjoying it all. No keep off the grass signs, it was all to be enjoyed.

What better way to end the day?

Let's hope it's not another 11 years before we visit again.

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