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Friday 13 November 2015

Plus 40 Fabulous

Hi everyone,

The lovely ladies Leah from Just me, Leah and Mookie from Mookie's Life recently started the Plus 40 Fabulous initiative for all those lovely plus sized people over 40.

So here's my first post - and I'll start off by introducing myself.

First of all though I have to confess - I keep forgetting I'm in my 40's. Is that weird? I'm nearly 47, but every so often, it catches me by surprise. Most often when I'm filling in an online form and it takes longer and longer to scroll down to 1969 (I'm a child of the 60's - yay).

There are other reminders are all around me. Friends are talking about and even taking retirement. Some have sadly passed away. I click on Facebook and see photos of a work colleagues 2nd grandson (hang on, I think, she's way younger than me) so all around there are subtle hints than time is marching on. But somehow, the 16 year old me is still there and it seems like only yesterday.

I'd like to think I'd changed a bit over the years, I'm certainly more confident. I would never wear sleeveless tops or short skirts or even shorts. Now - what's the worst that happen? Someone could make a rude comment? Sadly, like a lot of us, I've already had that and although it was upsetting at the time, it didn't stop me. In fact, it's helped make me more determined to wear what I like. 

This photo makes me smile so much. Double denim, socks with pumps and I remember thinking I looked fab. Because you know what? I did. It doesn't matter about rules and what people say, if you like it, wear it. 

My hair has always done it's own thing though!

If I had to describe my style now, I would say I'm casual. I still love my jeans, I love casual tops, I like wearing cartoon t-shirts. If it makes me smile and is comfy, then it's for me. That doesn't mean I don't like dressing up occasionally though!

I think the last few years writing this blog have helped my confidence so much. The white dress above is something a younger me would never have worn. But talking with and meeting other bloggers has inspired me to try things out of my comfort zone. That's not to say I haven't given up jeans altogether!

This last picture sums me up completely. Doing what I love with friends and not caring if I'm too old, too anything. Just having fun.

So as you can guess, I'm not too worried about being 40+ because in my head I'm not. I'm whatever age I want to be. My Mother is 71 and we shop in the same shops and often inadvertently buy the same clothes. I hope that when I'm her age I'm still doing battle with the teens in Primark for the latest clothes!

Thanks for reading and please check out the blogs of the other Plus 40 Fabulous bunch





  1. Great post Cathy. This made me smile so much. :) I loved seeing the photos and I loved seeing the change in fashion, but you haven't changed much. You still look so beautifully youthful and happy and that is what is all about. It's about how we feel. I'm glad to hear that your mum is still wearing the same kind of clothes as you. Why change? Life is too short to not enjoy it. I'm already loving this project since it's filled with so much positivity. xxx

    1. Thank you Mookie! I've met so many positive people through blogging - it's lovely x

  2. This is a lovely post Cathy, and here's to forgetting our ages more often, and not through senility. ;) xx

    1. lol, thanks Leah! I'll definitely agree with the former xx

  3. I'm like you! My mother and I wear the same clothes on occasion, she and I have similar tastes! Recently she wanted a dress I have thats lacy with roses on it so she bought one.. The only difference is she is tiny!
    We are the age we feel in our heads. I'm still in my early 20s.. I am often surprised when I remember I am over 40!

    1. Lol, same here with my mother - if we're going out we have to coordinate so that we don't look like twins!! And I am constantly surprised by most things....xx

  4. This is great! You look beautiful in all of them. Love your writing style too. Particularly love the smurfs pic but then I would! xx

    1. Yay! Hilary! I had to get the smurfs in somewhere :-) Good to see you here. When is Wes getting his own blog? xx

  5. Hi there, I'm in Leah's and Mookies over 40's thingy as well. :) This is a lovely post and you look great, very happy and friendly xxx

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts, this is going to be fun xx


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