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Sunday 18 January 2015

Superdrug vitamin E moisture mask

Hello there,

Now I have to admit that at the grand old age of 45 (arghh) I'm still very confused by all the beauty products out there. I tend to stick with what I know works for me and is within my teeny tiny budget.

So I thought I'd share some of the products which have really worked for me recently. First up is the Superdrug vitamin E moisture mask.

I love face masks, but always find there's just far too much in an ordinary sachet. I saw this while browsing and thought that for less than £3 it had to be worth a try. My biggest issue at this time of year and as I get older is dry skin so anything moisturising is ideal.

Wow! What a find. It's not like the normal face mask. It's a lovely light cream almost that you apply onto clean dry skin then allow to absorb for 10-15 mins (or longer if like me you forget all about it while soaking in the bath!). You then remove the excess with a tissue (I use a cotton wool pad).

I found that it left my skin feeling almost plumped up, soft and a lot brighter. I was dubious at first as I have been prone to break outs in the past, but so far - so good. I can certainly see me buying another tube when this runs out.

Any other tips for budget beauty products?

Thanks for reading



Wednesday 7 January 2015

January sale bargains

Hi everyone,

One of the best ways I know to beat the January blues is shop the sales. Online shopping is fun, but sometimes you can't beat mooching around the shops.

I always have a plan when hitting the sales. I look for things I saw before Christmas that I liked but either couldn't afford or couldn't justify buying.

So here's what I was lucky enough to get:

Handbag from Store Twenty One - I do love a big bag to throw everything in.

A good old Primark bag - I've been wanting something big enough for ages to carry folders and my tablet around and this will be perfect.

These are boots are from Marks & Spencer. I really wanted them before Christmas, but couldn't justify the expense. When my local branch had one pair left half price in my size - it was meant to be!

I love One Button Jewellery - this just had to be added to my collection

Some bits and pieces from Paperchase - I've been wanting some badges/brooches to brighten up my jackets, but nothing too floral or twee. These are colourful and perfect for the job. They're metal so too heavy for summer coats are fine on winter coats. Plus some colourful shoe laces too - you can't go wrong with extra laces!

A couple of tops from the Simply Be sale - the Joe Browns owl tunic - this was my normal 22 and fitted perfectly.

The Russian Dolls tunic - they only had size 20 available so I crossed my fingers and ordered it anyway - and it fits!! So very happy bunny here.

I really couldn't get the colour right on this last bag from Accessorize. It's really somewhere inbetween the two colours shown. This was something I'll probably only use once or twice - but just had to have it! Even if it just sits on my dressing table for ages..... :-)

That's my January sales haul. I didn't realise I had bought so much until I did this post - guess I had better be good for the rest of the month!

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Glasgow Getaway - part 2

Hi everyone,

It's been a week now since my trip to Glasgow and already it feels like a lifetime ago! Here are a few more pictures.

On the shores of Loch Lomond

Christmas themed handbag! This was from TU @ Sainsburys. Fun to use - but you couldn't fit a lot in it.

Relaxing in the hotel bar at the end of a long days shopping

Festive reindeer outside Jenners Department store at Loch Lomond Shores

Thanks for reading


Sunday 4 January 2015

Glasgow getaway - part 1

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

As I publish this, it's Sunday evening and for a lot of people - they'll be having that sinking 'back to work' feeling. I know that feeling only too well! So big hugs for anyone feeling like that and forgive me spending a few minutes looking back at what I got up between Christmas and New Year.

It's become a bit of a tradition for myself and my mother to go away for a few days at Christmas. It's a different time every year depending on hotel deals, money and work commitments. This year, we flew up to Glasgow in Scotland on the 29th December. As amazing as New Year in Scotland is, I really wanted to be back home so we planned to come back on the 31st so I could see the New Year in with friends.

So here's a few piccies of what it all looked like. I'm lucky enough to live very close to Southampton Airport so Glasgow and many other places really only feel like a hop away - as long as I'm quick enough to get the cheap deals!!

I booked a rental car - something small and very very cheap. Luckily for me - our flight was delayed because of fog and this was all they had left!!

I nearly had kittens driving it to start with, but soon got used to it. It's the closest I'll ever come to owning a luxury car!

The hotel we stayed at is in the background here - The Crowne Plaza, Glasgow. It's a beautiful hotel with lovely staff. I just wish I could go back next week! 

View from across the River Clyde with the SECC (armadillo!) next to the hotel.

The coat is a bit of a oldie, I bought it in the sale last year from Simply Be - but it seemed a very suitable pattern to be wearing around Scotland. Plus it really is the warmest coat I have ever owned! I just didn't realise my gloves looked so green.....

Relaxing in the hotel bar and looking very pink :-)

We took a trip up to the Village of Luss on the shores of Loch Lomond. A beautiful little village that is so quiet in the winter. I suspect it's anything but quiet in the summer though looking at the size of the carpark.

Now those that know me will know how much I love hot chocolate. And as hot chocolates go - this was one of the best. It was very hard to resist ordering a second one.

 I bought this top in Next before Christmas and saved it for this trip. It's a 22 and despite my reservations, washes really well and hasn't lost any sequins (yet). I haven't dared check to see if it's in the sale - it wasn't cheap but I just fell in love with it xx

Hope you enjoyed my piccies of Scotland - I suspect there may be more once I get hold of my mothers photos

Thanks for reading

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