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Friday 31 March 2017

It's been a smurfy month...

Hello there,

Readers of my blog may have noticed I quite like smurfs. Well, more than a little, almost a bit obsessed really (in a good way I think!).

You can imagine my excitement then when a new movie was announced. It took a while coming, but finally it's here. As of Friday 31st March, Smurfs - The Lost Village will be released in cinemas around the UK.

I couldn't wait that long though! So the weekend before, I headed off to London to see one of the preview screenings (yes - we were probably the only adults in the cinema without kids, but we didn't care).

Very excited at this point! 

Was it worth the wait? Omg - yes! Now I will admit, I'm probably biased, but the artwork blew me away. The colours, the characters and the attention to detail was beautiful.

It really was quite simply, a beautiful film. There were so many new characters and sometimes when that happens it can take a while to warm to them. Not here, I loved them all straight away.

I mentioned it had been a smurfy month - well the weekend before, I travelled to Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent. Why? Well, the smurfs were on tour (yes really). In various shopping centres around the UK, the smurfs were making a guest appearance for a fun day for the kids (plus grown up kids too).

You can't beat a good bunch of smurfy friends - I love them all!

I think you'll agree - it really was a smurfy month!

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Tuesday 21 March 2017

A Primark haul - and a few shoes!

Hello there,

Question for you all - how many pairs of shoes is too many? Reason I ask is because I ambled into Primark for a quick look around - and ended up leaving with 3 pairs. And if that wasn't enough - I then popped into New Look and bought another pair.

In my defense - I really did need some new flats (but 4 pairs - seriously?) Anyway - here's a look at some of the goodies I got.

3 espadrille style shoes at £4 a pair. They seriously feel like slippers and have already been well used. They're perfect for wearing with jeans or a summer dress (did I mention they are SO comfortable?)

Primark slouchy tees are the best. At £2 each they're perfect for layering up under jumpers or cardigans during these chilly spring evenings. 

A sleeveless navy blouse for £8. I think this will work well as a blouse or worn open with a vest top during summer. Plus it's that great material that never creases (ideal if you hate ironing as much as me!).

There's a bit of a blue/navy theme with this haul. I've been looking for navy cushions for a while and these were 2 for £6. Lovely soft velour finish and very cuddly and comfy.

And finally for Primark, something I always get, a few packs of their cosmetic cotton pads for 50p a pack. I also picked up a new blending brush - I've seen these around for a while now and I'm interested to see how they feel (so far it feels a little like using a kitten's paw....).

And if that wasn't enough shoes...I'd seen these shoes from New Look online, but often things online never look as good in real life. Well, these were better. And after wearing them for a very long day of walking, I can confirm they are a winner. 

So that's my little (or not so little) shopping haul. You know it's a biggish shop in Primark when they give you two bags.... oops!

Thanks for reading



Thursday 2 March 2017

A January & February round-up

Hello there,

Well, I don't know what happened to February. I know it's a short month, but blimey, it flew by! I did plan to do a January round-up, but instead it's turned into a Jan/Feb mash-up.

So here's a collection of some of the things the New Year bought me:

I bought my new favourite shoes from Primark - high top trainers that are so so comfy. They're useless in wet weather but that's not a problem here in the UK is it??

My Life jumper from Navabi. I could seriously live in this, true to size and washes well.

First Easter egg of the year - who can resist a chocolate unicorn?

Fog - I hate fog!! Enough said :-(

Great food at Tapas Barcelona, Southampton. I seriously ate my body weight in olives here....

(just in case you didn't believe the amount of olives...)

And finally, I saw La La Land, which I loved (along with a few adverts for the upcoming Smurf Movie). In fact the people behind the Smurfs Movie made a pretty good La La Land / Smurf mix:

That's a bit of a round-up of what I've loved these last two months, let's hope March doesn't go past so quickly!

Thanks for reading


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