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Monday 8 June 2015

Blackpool Tower Ballroom and the view from the top

Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I took my Mother up to Blackpool for a weekend away. We're both fans of Strictly Come Dancing so a visit to the Tower Ballroom was top of our agenda. I also persuaded my mother to go up the Tower too (she was less keen on that bit!). A few weeks before we went, I booked a cream tea to make the event a bit more special.

It was a bit of a long and windy walk from the hotel to the Tower

 But plenty of places to stop along the way.
Yep - I was brave and stood on the floor (and yes - it made my tummy flip).

View from the top.

We were spoilt with the cream tea - and ate the lot!

We were sat so close to the dancers and so lucky to see some professionals there. They moved so quick it was hard to keep them in focus.

The view from our hotel - we could even see the Tower light up at night.

Although we were only there for a short time, it was a lovely short break. A little bit windy (read very windy) but no rain so we were able to walk to most places - good exercise for the ankle! I'd really recommend booking the cream tea at the Ballroom. It made the event special and the staff were lovely. You can stay in the Ballroom after you're finished and we went upstairs to watch more of the dancing. We never felt rushed which can happen with some booked events and most importantly, my mother loved it. Details for the Tower and the Ballroom can be found on their website & I booked the Tower tickets in advance to save some money.

There's a lot of photos there - so thanks for reading!



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