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Friday 4 November 2016

A Dutch day out - day trip to Sluis

Hello there,

When we were over in Belgium last month, we were based in the north in Poeke, nr Aalter. Which isn't too far from the Netherlands - so it seemed rude not to pop across to Sluis. It was about a 45 min drive (or an hour if you take the scenic route like we did!), so perfect for a relaxing day trip.

We've heard Sluis described as a typical Dutch town, Now I haven't visited enough Dutch towns to know if that's true, but every time we've been we've found it welcoming and friendly and very laid back. We do tend to visit out of season though and I have a feeling it's a pretty busy place in high season!

Windmill “de Brak” - This old Dutch flourmill, built in 1739, was the first in the area to be made of stone.

The only Belfry in the Netherlands apparently! Built in 1375.

A hot chocolate and a beer while sat next to the canal - perfect!

A few pictures of our day in Sluis. It's a beautiful place, very welcoming and I hope we'll be back again soon. Our Dutch is pretty poor, but hopefully we'll improve with practice!

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  1. That looks like a picture postcard perfect place. Phew, try saying that when you've had a few. ;) xx

  2. lol, that is a tongue twister! It really is a beautiful place - one of my favourite xx


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