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Sunday 11 February 2018

New Year sales haul - a new handbag or two....

We're into February and the sales are nearly done and dusted. So it seems a good time as any to have a look back and see what bargains I found.

I can't deny I found some lovely items. Only (slight) problem is - they're all handbags. 5 handbags to be exact. How many new handbags does a girl need? Well, quite a lot according to me.

The first one was bought before Christmas had even finished. I had spotted this beautiful clutch from Marks and Spencer earlier in the month but couldn't justify paying £45. However with a 50% reduction and vouchers burning a hole in my pocket - I hit the buy button on Christmas Eve while full of mince pies and Christmas cheer.

I think I would class this as a wonderfully impractical bag. It's going to show every fingerprint, you can't carry an awful lot in there and it can be a bit fiddly to open. But I love it. Goodness know where I'll use it though....

Next up was a bag that had been popping in and out of my basket at Simply Be for months. When I saw it was reduced, it was meant to be.

I like this bag even more than I expected. It's deceptively spacious and can fit my big old brick of a purse in as well as my phone, glasses and keys no problem. The zipped inner pocket is perfect for keeping anything small safe such as travel cards or tickets. The only downside is that the strap isn't adjustable, but as I like the straps long, it's not a problem.

The next bag is incredibly practical. It's become my everyday bag already and I've had a number of people ask me where it's from - TX Maxx!

It can be used as a backpack but has hooks on the side to make it more of a shoulder bag which I prefer. My favourite bits though are the outside pockets - one is the perfect phone size and the other fits my house keys in. No more scrabbling for keys at the bottom of your bag anymore. 

My last two bags are slightly quirky. The latest Disney collaboration with Cath Kidston were so lovely, but so expensive. I really didn't expect anything from the range to be in the January sales so quickly after being launched but when they were - well, that was my Christmas money used up (I think a lot of people who had paid full price just before Christmas were a bit disgruntled and I don't blame them).

Finally, a space man bag from Accessorize. No season is complete without a novelty bag from Accessorize!

In my defence, I have had a massive clear out with lots going to charity or onto Ebay. However, I didn't quite plan to 'restock' so quickly - oops!

Ah well, at least I have a bag for every outfit!

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