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Friday 16 March 2018

A January and February Instagram round up

Nearly halfway through probably a bit late, but here's a round up of my January & February on Instagram.

January Instagram

We finally saw The Last Jedi at the cinema. Not bad, but I have to admit to a bit of eye-rolling at some bits...

New bedding thanks to JD Williams, plus plenty of tea, cake and cat quotes started the year off well.

February instagram

I found a hidden bit of Southampton which really made think about how much history we have here - a blog post about walking the old walls is planned once better weather is here.

The Southampton Festival of Light came to town - there's a whole blog post about it here.

And there seemed to be a bit of an obsession with unicorns starting....

Naming ceremony

And finally, we were invited to the naming ceremony of a very special little lady (notice more unicorns?)

So although I don't think we did much, it wasn't a bad start to the year.

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