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Tuesday 28 August 2018

You lucky thing...working from home

Hey everyone,

This a slightly different post. Not much to do with clothes or travel, more of a bit of thinking out loud.

First off I'm very lucky person. I work from home.

Ohh, say most people when they hear this. How marvellous. Then there's a few seconds thinking followed by some (or if I'm really lucky) all of the following:
  • Must get ever so lonely.
  • What do you actually do all day?
  • Ah you 'work from home' (insert jokey speech marks made with fingers).
  • Must be nice to have all that time off.
To list just a few.

I fully admit, I would probably have thought the same a few years back when I was working in the Civil Service. And I would have been envious.

And yes, I'll fully admit to having a fair few days like this:

But you know what? I love it. I love being able to go and do boring admin stuff like the Post Office and bank runs early in the weekday morning when everyone else is at work. I'm especially grateful for the flexibility it gives me to deal with hospital appointments and how I can take time out to be with friends and family when they need me.

Countryside walks

I love how I can go for a walk in the fresh air when I'm struggling for inspiration. My weekend can be in the middle of the week and as so many of my friends work shifts, I get to see more of them. Yes, sometimes I'll still be working 'till 2/3 in the morning. But it's my choice to do so. Bank Holiday weekends when everywhere is crowded will see me tucked away working.

I love how I don't have to do mid-year reviews and be answerable to middle management. I don't miss the mindless gossip, the back-biting or the constant struggle for a slice of the budget or having to justify my job/existence to every new manager that passes through.

But - don't think it's all sunshine and roses. I don't love the worrying gaps in between work. I particularly hate the middle of the night wake-ups where you suddenly imagine no work ever coming in again - ever!!! Trying to explain what you do to insurance companies and banks is a constant joy (not!). Tax returns are also an annual joyful occasion and I spend a silly amount of time chasing payments. As for spending money - I'm suddenly so aware of accounting for every penny - no frivolous spending here! (well, not too much...).

Piggy bank

But would I change anything??? No way!!

Thanks for reading



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