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Sunday 11 August 2019

50 things I've learnt

Hello 50

It seems like 2019 is the year for turning 50. I can now say I'm a 50+ blogger (gulp) but I do have good company.

The Moon Landings, Sesame Street, The Hungry Caterpillar and even Primark are just some of the things that have also reached the big 5 0 this year. Not forgetting The Stonewall Riots, The Beatle's Abbey Road, Woodstock, and David Bowie's Space Oddity as well.

The moon landings, Abbey Road, Woodstock. Just some of the things that happened in 1969

It seems then that 1969 was the year to be born. So you'd think I'd have a few words of wisdom to share upon reaching this milestone...

Well - no, not really. But I do have a few do's and don't, 50 of them in fact. They're in no particular order and some are very tongue in cheek, but hopefully one or two might make you think:

  • Replace FOMO with JOYMO
  • Get a pension
  • Learn to understand ISAs etc
  • Learn to budget & save money for a rainy day – there’ll be a monsoon one day and it’s good to be prepared
  • Know where the stopcock and fusebox is
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Do the things that scare you
  • Keep your CV up to date
  • List all the skills you have, you’d be surprised at what you can do and how skills are transferable
  • Say hello to all the dogs and cats you meet on your travels
  • Go to the dentist
  • Go the dr
  • Learn how to check the oil, tyre pressure etc in your car
  • Find a friendly garage - they'll save you a fortune
  • Cook!
  • Don’t save things for best
  • Tackle grumpy people with smiles
  • Please and thank you will go a long way
  • Watch/read the news
  • Learn about politics, if nothing else it will be handy for the pub quiz
  • Vote
  • Learn to say no
  • Don’t waste time comparing
  • Remember those who ask after you & cheer you on
  • Know your self-worth and don't take any nonsense from anybody

(You're half-way through - keep going!)
You're halfway there - well done!

  • Travel
  • Learn a language – even if it’s only a few phrases it’s often appreciated
  • Learn to drive
  • Learn to swim (confession - I can't swim)
  • Exercise - you don't have to be a gym bunny, just a walk around the block is better than nothing
  • Buy all the bath bombs
  • Use those damn bath bombs
  • Don’t think you’re too old
  • Wear what you like and find your style
  • Learn when to fight and when to let go
  • Carry a notebook
  • Take a pen for said notebook!
  • Carry wet wipes
  • Carry tissues (public toilets – say no more)
  • Carry power packs (and the right cables) 
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more fruit and veg
  • Don’t feel guilty if you ate all the chocolate
  • Explore where you live, you'll be amazed at what's on your doorstep
  • Learn to read/understand timetables
  • Understand the buses (I know, they confuse the hell out of me)
  • Ignore labels – so you’re a 16 in one shop and a 20 in another, unless you’re planning on wearing your clothes inside out – it really doesn’t matter
  • Friends can be family
  • Chances are – what’s important now won’t be important in a year/5 years down the line
  • Nothing lasts forever – that includes the good and the bad times. So make the most of every moment
And never forget:

Eleanor Roosevelt quote

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