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Thursday 10 July 2014

Braving the maxi dress

Hi everyone,

Well, I took the plunge - I got me a maxi dress!

I must admit, I always veered away from them. I thought I was too short at 5'3 and when I tried a few on some did end up looking like I would need a little army of helpers behind me to carry the train of material that was left dragging.

But they always look fab on other people. And surely something that covers up so much of the bits I hate must be good - right?

So I kept trying them on - and jackpot! Good old Marks and Spencer, in particular their Indigo range. Now this range I really love. I can't seem to walk past without finding at least 3 or 4 items I want to take home with me every time (living within 10 minutes of a huge out of town Marks and Spencer store with free parking doesn't help my purse at all!).

The Indigo range seems to have a laid back, beach/hippy style which suits me down to the ground. This dress is quite a heavy jersey material which means I don't have to worry about it being see through (no Princess Di moment for me). It hangs well and doesn't gape too much on the top half. Quite often dresses which fit my bottom half are then way too big for the top. It doesn't come with a belt, but I added a brown one from Primark as I felt it needed a bit of structure plus it helped lift it that extra few cms.

Dress - Marks and Spencer, Indigo range (size 20)
Belt - Primark

I was barefoot in the top 2 pics and I don't think it looks too long - what do you think? I wore it the other day with some great shoes that I bought last year from the Jeffrey and Paula range at Simply Be .

Now I fell in love with the colour of these shoes - I love everything raspberry/fuschia coloured. Plus I have a bit of a dodgy ankle at the moment so needed something fairly easy to balance on! Now - after an afternoon and evening wearing them, I can't say hand on heart these are the most comfortable - but they did add a good bit of extra height and a great pop of colour. I think I'm just not used to wearing anything higher than an inch - so more practice needed.

Anyway - I'm sold on the maxi dress - I may even have bought another one for the holidays!

Oh - and did you spot the nail varnish? Getting in the spirit of the World Cup and painting them the colours of Brazil - not that it helped Brazil much!

Thanks for reading



  1. I love this outfit - the dress, belt and toes especially! x x

  2. Aww, thank you xx I love painted toes, the brighter the better!


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