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Monday 23 June 2014

Birthday girl outfit

Hello all,

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday. I had big plans to post photos of my day out, but leaving the camera at home kind of put paid to that - d'oh!!!

Anyway, regardless, I had a great day. Topped off by a fab meal at our local Chiquitos - a Mexican restaurant and bar. I love spicey food and one thing I really liked about Chiquitos was their choice of mocktails - non-alcholic cocktails. perfect for the drivers and non-drinkers amongst us. Without said camera - you'll have to imagine how it looked, but the Yucatan Breeze was gorgeous. It had fresh passion fruit, pineapple, orange and fresh lime juice and a wedge of passion fruit on the side - yum!

I tried to look suitably festive, so wore this fab dress from Asda. I bought it in the spring and sadly it's not in stock anymore (I think I even saw it in the recent sale too). I thought it was a bargain at £12 and had to size down to a 20 - so double yay! The day itself was a weather disaster so out came the leggings.

Dress - Asda, size 20
Leggings - Primark, size 20
Shoes - Tesco
I love painted nails, but never seem to be able to get past the front door without chipping them. So nail wraps are a godsend for me. These are from Avon and were on special offer for £4. I normally get to do at least 2 or 3 sets per pack depending on the pattern and length of my nails. I love the pink animal print, but these were the first set I've had that just didn't last. Normally I can get 3 or more days wear from a set, but these were peeling by the end of the evening. Hopefully it was just me and I put them on in too much of a rush!!

I'm realising that I should have edited out all the mess in the main photo - oops!

Thanks for reading



  1. I love the dress and the nails, and I didn't notice any mess at all! :) x x


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