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Saturday 14 March 2015

A couple of OOTDs and a catch-up

Hi everyone,

Well, I've tried to be good and implement schedules for my blog. But life has a funny way of interrupting the best laid plans. So back to Plan A it is for the time being until all around settles down (Plan A being update and blog when you can and when you feel like it).

So here is a little summary of the last fortnight. Some of what I wore, what caught my eye and generally a bit of everything.

I love a good rummage through charity shops, I found this little gem for 99p!

I also love a sale - and I picked this shirt up from the Marks and Spencer sale reduced to £11.50 (size 20)
(hot chocolate the size of my head - priceless)

Later in the week I went to Chichester for lunch with a dear friend. Chichester is a beautiful little town about 40 mins away from me on the south coast. It's somewhere I always head to for Christmas shopping and there always seem to be something happening. That particular day there was a brass band playing when I got there - but I was too busy watching to take any photos.

I wore this top for the lunch. It's from the Indigo range at Marks and Spencer again (size 20). It's a couple of years old now but they still have similar styles available.

And of course, a bit of shopping had to be done. I don't have a House of Fraser where I live so I always pop in whenever I see one if I'm out and about. This is a real knuckle duster and will probably catch on everything - but who cares! I love it :-)

I'm writing up a couple of posts from a short holiday so that be on the blog soon - shorts and all!

Thanks for reading



  1. Everyone seems to find fantastic stuff in charity shops but I never do!!! Loving the outfits and that ring is awesome! xx

  2. Oh my that bracelet. Fantastic charity shop find :)

  3. I love Chichester, especially inside the cathedral. I need to take myself off charity shop shopping soon (try saying that when you've had a few!) xx


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