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Sunday 29 March 2015

Yellow Vintage Fair

Hi everyone,

First day of summer seemed like a perfect time to go The Yellow Vintage Fair which was being held at The Ageas Bowl (home of Hampshire cricket). Well, the weather had something to say about that and it was a bit of a wet and windy day (blowing a hoolie as we say here).

That didn't stop loads of people turning up though - to the point where I was wondering if I would ever find where I'd parked my car. And despite some poor stallholders battling with the elements, everyone I spoke to was cheerful and happy. I have a theory that it must be the British in us where we secretly like the terrible weather!!

Lots of photos taken so here are just a few of the sights that caught my eye and some of the goodies I bought.

I have never heard of flavoured candy floss - I was very tempted and it smelt gorgeous

Jewellery made from poker chips - amazing idea

He's a bit blurry, but I loved this little chap

Sneaky view of the cricket pitch

Fantastic clothes from the Southampton shop Beatnik Emporium

Some of what I bought on the day

From Molly's Bazaar 

Curlies Vintage

I love these earrings - they made them for me there and then as I liked the pattern so much - great service!
Krafti Kiki

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  1. I love fairs like this. The only trouble is I want to buy everything! xx


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