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Friday 21 August 2015

Elvis at the O2, London

Hi everyone,

It's been 38 years since Elvis Presley died and I still remember that day as if it was yesterday (yep, I am that old). The O2 arena in London are currently hosting the exhibition Elvis at the O2 which runs until January 2016 and a couple of weeks ago, I went with my Mother to have a look around.

Now I haven't been to the O2 since it was know as the Millennium Dome (yep, still that old) so I was interested to see how much I'd remember if any. The answer was not a lot. The inside has been totally transformed with plenty of restaurants, cinema and of course the famous arena for live music.

We booked for a 1.00pm slot which gave us plenty of time to get across London on the tube while avoiding the expensive rush hour. Once we got out of the tube station at Greenwich, it was literally a few minutes walk away.

Trying to choose where to eat!

I think that if you're an Elvis fan (which my mother certainly is) then this is a must see exhibition. There probably wasn't as much there as we were expecting and it only took a couple of hours to see it all. We've been to Graceland in America a few times, so this probably raised our expectations higher than they should have been. But overall, it was great day out with non-stop Elvis music and would we go again? Yes - because you can never have too much Elvis!

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