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Friday 1 January 2016

A New Year - 16 in 16

Hello there,

Happy New Year! The lovely Sophie from Busy Little Fee had the wonderful idea of looking at 16 things we can do in 2016.

I have to admit, it was pretty hard to think of 16 things. I don't believe in making resolutions as such and I don't tend to share my personal life on here too much so inevitably there are some things which I will keep private. But I did eventually come up with a list of 16 things:

  1. Move the blog to self hosting. Now I'm just a hobby blogger, I'll be the first to admit that, but I do love doing it and it's coming up to the two year anniversary in March this year. So I aim to try to move to self hosting by then. Arghhh.....!
  2. Try to do 4 posts a month. Sometimes life overtakes us and plans like this go out the window. But I'm going to try my hardest. I did my own version of Blogmas last year and I survived, so 4 posts a month can't be too hard...can it?
  3. More OOTDs. I have a terrible habit of getting to the end of the day and completely forgetting to take a pic of what I wore. Now admittedly, a lot of the time, it's just jeans and jumpers, but on some days, I push the boat out and it's those days I need to remember to blog about.
  4. As some of you will know, I work free-lance from home. This year I really want to build on this and be more successful.
  5. Travel more. Ideally round the world! But failing that, anywhere. Working from home esp, it's far too easy to become housebound. This isn't really a new goal, more of a continuation from previous years. Even a trip to the next town along to do some shopping, or a day trip to London. A change of scenery does you the world of good.
  6. Try vlogging before the year is out. Now, I've done holiday videos in the past and some for hobbies, but none yet for the blog. Quite what I could talk about, who knows, but I'll try to do something this year.
  7. Ignore the people who think blogging is silly, vain, a joke, a waste of time etc. I don't tend to tell many people that I have a blog for this very reason. But even so, I've heard all of the above.
  8. De-clutter!! Again, this is a continuation. I've been selling on Ebay and charity shopping all the things I no longer wear or need. It's hard going - I tend to get over-sentimental and hate getting rid of things. But de-clutter I must - esp if I want to buy new things!! (see the problem there??).
  9. Save money - use charity shops more. Now this isn't hard to do at all. I love nothing more than having a good old mooch around our local charity shops. But they don't just do clothes. Use them for homeware, books, curtains and even greetings cards.
  10. Museums. I love museums and I'm so aware there's lots in the Hampshire area that I haven't yet visited, despite living here all my life. So I plan to compile a checklist and see how many I can do in the coming year.
  11. Do one thing per month that's new. This kind of ties in with the previous goal, but doesn't just have to be museums. Instead of passing by a cafe or shop and wondering what it's like - stop and go in. You might find a new favourite.
  12. Stop for coffee - again, similar to the previous goal. I want to rush less and stop for coffee (or in my case - hot chocolate). Take time out to stop and watch the world.
  13. Spend less time online. Now this is a weird one. Yes, I want to grow my blog, but I also need to spend less time comparing it to other blogs. It's mine and unique to me and will grow in it's own time. I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook already - anything with too many dramas is a real switch-off!
  14. Crafting. I love crafting, esp jewellery making. That's really dropped by the wayside though in the last year or so as I've had less free-time after going freelance. It's a relaxing hobby so I'd like to start again in 2016.
  15. Remember to reply to messages! Those that know me will know how bad I am at this! I look at a message, think of a reply in my head, then get distracted and never actually do it. I will try to do better - honest!
  16. Be as fabulous in 2016 as I was in 2015! I saw this image going round online in the last few days and I think it's so true.

These aren't resolutions, just goals and aims for the forthcoming year. And if none come to fruition - than we'll all still be just as fabulous as we were at the start of the year.
Anyway - that's my goals for the year. Hope you enjoyed reading them and I'll try to revisit maybe halfway through the year to see how I'm doing.

Thanks for reading



  1. Self hosting is the way to go! Best thing I did for my blog last year :) I find having a schedule for my blog helps keep my views and visits basically the same everyday. Good luck!
    Happy new year :)

  2. I totally want to self-host! I'm just not technical enough to know how to do it! Avoiding the negative comments of the naysayers is a good one - I tend to avoid telling people too and get embarrassed if end up mentioning it!

  3. I know what you mean about self-hosting. I must get myself organised and do it!! Lol


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