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Thursday 24 December 2015

Blogmas 24 - Christmas Eve and Primark PJs

Hello there,

It's finally here! By the time this post goes live Christmas Day will be nearly here and everything will be wrapped and ready for delivery.

Christmas Eve was a quiet day. Not everything went quite to plan (cue the last minute dash out to Asda) but overall, it was a lazy relaxing day.

I started off by wearing my absolute favourite jumper of the season. It's a Primark special and to be honest I haven't worn it as much as I would have liked as it's just been too flipping hot here in the UK! I think though it should be worn on Christmas Day - whatever the weather.

As there were no plans to set foot outside the door for the rest of the day - it was was time for pajamas and real relaxing. I bought this set from Primark a couple of months ago thinking it would keep me warm. Well it certainly did that - I nearly expired wearing it!

The detailing is so cute! These were an 18-20 and fitted just fine.

From about midday onwards, it was time to track Santa on the Norad web site. This is a tradition we do every year. It was something we started doing it with friends in Australia a few years back so that we could all see at the same time where Santa was at various points throughout the day. I can't imagine a Christmas Eve without it now.

And now, the Sephora Advent Calendar. The last 4 days had a body wash, ribbon (?), nail varnish and finally an eye shadow for the 24th.

Overall, it's not been a bad calendar. As it's the first ever beauty type calendar I've ever bought, I've really enjoyed seeing what goodies there were each morning. Like most, there's been a few odd days, but overall, I'm quite pleased. Next year though, I already have my eye on the Body Shop one. After watching some YouTube videos of it, it looks amazing.

Finally - a very big THANK YOU for taking the time to read my Blogmas posts. I managed to do more days than I thought I would so I'm pretty chuffed.

I hope you all have a peaceful and happy Christmas xx



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