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Monday 29 February 2016

Star Wars trainers and other bits

Hello there,

I had a bit of a successful shop in Primark the other day. I'd been on the hunt for some pink Star Wars trainers since spotting them on Instagram. But frustratingly, there was nothing in my local branch (it was becoming an obsession - I needed those shoes in my life!).

I'd finally resigned myself to never owning a pair - until that is I popped along the coast to Portsmouth. Despite it being a smaller Primark, they had a pair left in my size. Cue much excited and undignified squealing...

So here they are, it was truly love at first sight.

And if that wasn't enough shoe shopping for one day, I spotted these beautiful shoes in Dorothy Perkins. Now I'm lucky enough to be able to wear standard width shoes - which I'm pretty sure these are. They're not terribly practical and to be honest, I couldn't see me wearing them for a whole day of shopping - but they're glittery, sparkly and have little hearts on the back - what's not to love?

To round off the day, some unicorn, cloud and dinosaur socks - obviously!

So that was my little shoe haul, and as my other half pointed out, it looked like a teenager had been shopping. Which is perfect - let's hope I never dress for my age!

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