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Saturday 4 June 2016

Curvy Con 2016

Hello there,

Last Saturday I took myself off up to London to see what was happening at Curvy Con 2016.

The event this year was in Hackney, an area I didn't know very well at all. I had plans to get there nice and early to find my way around but roadworks, and a last minute diversion to Notting Hill to see a man about some smurfs kind of scuppered that plan (yes - I did say smurfs...).

The event was held in St John in Hackney, a church being given a 2nd lease of life by hosting events such as this.

A selection of some of the exhibitors.

The best part of any event is catching up with friends and meeting new people. The lovely Rosie from A Rose Like This Designs had her own stall and an amazing catwalk. Her designs are gorgeous and she deserves so much success as she's just lovely.

Nicky Rockets t-shirts were there too and their table was a real gathering point for bloggers to stop and chat.

Why didn't I get a unicorn t-shirt?!!! I think I definitely need one soon.

These photos are my favourite of the whole day. Look at the little girls watching and see how much positivity they're seeing right in front of them - beautiful.

And finally - what did I wear? Well, it wouldn't be me without going a whole day without taking an outfit photo. So you'll have to wait for another post to find that out (I know - bad blogger...)

Were you at Curvy Con and are you planning on going to any other events this year?

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  1. I went there wish I had known you were there so I could have said hello x

    1. Aww! That would have been good :-) It's so easy to miss people at these sort of things. Hopefully next time we'll catch up xx


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