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Saturday 10 September 2016

The Curve Fashion Festival Box Swap

Hello there,

Saturday 10th September was The Curve Fashion Festival in Liverpool. It's the UK's largest plus size event and after going to last years in Manchester, I knew it would be a great day out. I had such great plans to go, but realistically with work commitments, the cost of travel and a hotel not to mention car mot, service and big holiday less than a month away - I soon realised it just wasn't going to happen this year (sad times...being sensible is not much fun sometimes!).

But - can't be sad for long. The lovely Emma from It's Em organised a box swap for all those who couldn't go. The budget was up to £20 and we could say if we wanted a surprise or some of our favourite things. I opted for the surprise - after all, the best thing about swap boxes is getting to try something new which you might not have considered yourself.

I know who my secret buyer was and I'm so pleased - she's a beautiful person and if you're reading this - Thank you!!! My box arrived wrapped in gold - and anything that arrives in gold has got to be good.

Inside was was another beautifully wrapped box (cue the anxiety as my recipient didn't get such a well wrapped box!). And look at what I got.

I swear my sender is a mind reader, only the other day my other half and I were talking about how we had never had a macaron. Spooky....

I hope the person who gets the box I sent out loves it as much as I love mine. And a big thank you to Emma for such a great idea. It certainly helped to cheer up the weekend.

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