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Friday, 31 March 2017

It's been a smurfy month...

Hello there,

Readers of my blog may have noticed I quite like smurfs. Well, more than a little, almost a bit obsessed really (in a good way I think!).

You can imagine my excitement then when a new movie was announced. It took a while coming, but finally it's here. As of Friday 31st March, Smurfs - The Lost Village will be released in cinemas around the UK.

I couldn't wait that long though! So the weekend before, I headed off to London to see one of the preview screenings (yes - we were probably the only adults in the cinema without kids, but we didn't care).

Very excited at this point! 

Was it worth the wait? Omg - yes! Now I will admit, I'm probably biased, but the artwork blew me away. The colours, the characters and the attention to detail was beautiful.

It really was quite simply, a beautiful film. There were so many new characters and sometimes when that happens it can take a while to warm to them. Not here, I loved them all straight away.

I mentioned it had been a smurfy month - well the weekend before, I travelled to Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent. Why? Well, the smurfs were on tour (yes really). In various shopping centres around the UK, the smurfs were making a guest appearance for a fun day for the kids (plus grown up kids too).

You can't beat a good bunch of smurfy friends - I love them all!

I think you'll agree - it really was a smurfy month!

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  1. This post makes me smile! You can't be sad when you're watching (or thinking about) The Smurfs! I'm glad you enjoyed the film. xx


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