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Tuesday 1 September 2020

New Season - New Start?

A summary of my time during lockdown

I know - it's not technically a new season just yet. But I can't deny I did a little internal whoop as I changed the calendar over to September this morning. I'm already thinking about cosy jumpers, hot chocolates and all things Halloween. 

Perfect Autumn days

So I'm going to embrace it all and use this time as an opportunity to restart / kick my blog back off again. Lockdown was different for all of us. For me when I looked at all the draft posts I'd written and scheduled about fashion, travel, holidays and days out etc, they all just seemed frivolous and unnecessary. So I pulled the lot until a time when I thought I was ready to share them again.

Travel days

I know travel isn't on the cards for a lot of people. It certainly isn't for us. But hopefully it will be one day and when that day comes maybe, just maybe, my blog posts will be useful for someone. If nothing else, I know I enjoy reading about other people's travels and it gives me ideas and inspiration for the future.

So that's what will be happening in the future - but what did I do during lockdown?

Lockdown puzzles
(I didn't realise I'd done so many.....)

Puzzles - a lot of puzzles.... They're normally a Christmas thing for me. But there's something quite relaxing about sitting peacefully and working your way through a jigsaw (as long as it's not too brown....don't like a dark jigsaw....)

DIY - much to the other half's horror, I had a mini painting frenzy at the start of lockdown. On the positive side, the bedroom and bathroom look great now!

And finally - picnics. Thank goodness for good weather and socially distanced picnics on Southampton Common.

Picnics on Southampton Common

That's me pretty much caught up. I'm not going to set myself a schedule because of the pressure that brings, I want to get back to enjoying blogging. I know some people are blogging everyday in September - maybe by December I'll be back up to that level.

Thanks for reading and see you all soon



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