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Monday 7 September 2020

Something I never thought I'd wear...

Spotted Dungarees from TU at Sainsbury, size 20

Has there ever been something you fancied wearing but thought 'nope, not for me' or 'wouldn't suit me' or even 'how comfortable would that be really....'.

Well, for me, it was dungarees. I think they look great, I used to live in them as a kid! But as an adult, definitely not. I'm bigger on the bottom half than the top, so finding something that fits top and bottom is about as easy as finding hen's teeth.

So when I was in the TU clothing section of Sainsburys earlier this year and saw a pair of spotted dungarees, I wasn't optimistic about the chances of them fitting.

Well, I was right, they didn't fit - because I needed to size down! Unheard of in TU clothing to be honest. I normally find their sizing very much on the small side. Sizing down is not something I've ever had to do before. So that was a good start.

And you know what? I didn't hate them. They weren't too long in the leg, they fitted my thighs and didn't gap at the waist and they were adjustable enough on the top to fit. 

Spotted Dungarees from TU at Sainsbury, size 20

So they came home with me - and I love them. I try to ignore the other half making Andy Pandy comments and doing a speedy trip to the toilet is yet to be mastered. But I think dungarees are back in my life now - and that makes me happy!

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