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Monday 17 March 2014

Just popped into Primark


I really don't think it's possible to just pop into Primark, despite this posts title! I always end up getting sidetracked, wondering around going ooh and ahh and spending far more than I planned. But that's ok, because it's a bargain - isn't it?

For me, solo trips on an early weekday morning are the perfect time. Now I know that makes me sound very unsociable but sometimes it's nice to have a bit of me time to try on all the stuff at my leisure without battling the crowds. When's your favourite time to visit?

I do seem to have done a fair bit of popping in lately so there'll probably be more pics of my Primark goodies. Enough of the chat, here we go....

Socks!!! I have been wanting lace trimmed little socks for ages. These beauties were lurking by the till so I grabbed them all. £2 for the 3 pack and £1.50 each for the sparkle ones.

Excuse the bad picture, I have an ancient Blackberry that I haven't got the heart to change! But back to the socks, lace, glitter and pastels all in one package! And it works out at a £1 a pair - definitely a bargain.
I'm thinking this will be great in summer with some canvas shoes and even my very sensible and very comfortable red t-bar shoes.
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