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Sunday 2 March 2014

The scary first post....

Hello there!

Oh my goodness. It's taken me months to try to work what to say on here and I'm still going round in circles!

About me - a 40+ (nearly 45, where did that come from?) ex-librarian, Smurf collector, wannabe indexer / proof reader, sometime jewellery maker and fashion loving fat girl.

Another plus-size blog I hear you cry? Well, I'm hoping there's space for a 40+ girl who still feels in her 20's, doesn't want to be middle-aged and squeaks every time she sees an article that says women of a certain age shouldn't have long hair. Well, I'm blowing a bit fat raspberry to that!

What am I going to be putting on this new shiny blog? Well, fashion first and foremost. And when I say fashion, it's going to be on a shoestring. I'm so lucky to be self-employed and work from home, but with that comes less disposable pennies (cue sad face). So this will be my interpretation of budget fashion and recycling old clothes.

I may even venture into make-up and beauty. And if you're really lucky, a few ramblings on anything that takes my fancy. Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll add links to my favourite bloggers who have all inspired me so much and to my favourite places to shop.

Anyway, that's me! Thank you for reading and hope you come back and visit my corner of the interweb again.


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