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Saturday 14 June 2014

Footie OOTD - love it or loath it?

Hi everyone,

Well, it's here. Whether you like it or not, the next few weeks will be full of news of men chasing a small ball and nations crying over broken dreams. the moment - all is good here. England haven't yet played (at the time of writing) so technically, we haven't been beaten yet....

And yep, I'm afraid I love the whole event. I like football anyway. I know enough about it to follow the various leagues and know what's happening and I can even understand the off-side rule. But then I like most sports and bloke orientated activities. I guess that maybe stems from the fact that a lot of my friends and work colleagues over the years have been men.

So in the spirit of the whole's my outfit for today. And some of you may notice another theme in these pictures...Smurfs!


These t-shirts are from George at Asda and are from the mens dept. The XL fits me fine and I'm normally a 20/22. I always find I have to size up a bit in mens t-shirts to get them round my hips and butt.
But how fab are they? They makes me smile and combines 2 things I love - Smurfs and sport.
If you don't like the World Cup then I hope you get to do some fun things for you and can ignore the rest of us whittering on!
Thanks for reading


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