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Thursday 14 August 2014

Outfit August - day 14 and a bit of luck

Hi everyone,

Well, I seem to have lost a few more days again :-). It's been funny old week and not a brilliant one really. Started the week in A&E with my friend (not for me personally), lots of sad news in the press and TV. And tomorrow rounds up the week with another visit to the hospital - this time for me - to see what they can do about my dodgy foot!

So forgive me for being a bad blogger this week. This is me today. Not so much an outfit rather a haircut of the day. It looks lopsided - but apparently that's just how I stand (eek!)

And I just love this picture. It's a really old handbag I was using today from Claire's Accessories along with the necklace I wore today from Accessorize. I think we all need a bit of luck sometimes xx

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  1. Yes, there's been so much bad news recently it's hard not to take it all on. x x


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