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Saturday 9 August 2014

Outfit August day 9 & My Little Pony!

Hi everyone

Sometimes I have days when I remember why blogging is fun and good for me. I've had this t-shirt for ages but I only tend to wear it around the house. I think I used to be worreid about it being too young, too bright, too anything. Silly really.

Well, today, it had an outing out to breakfast with friends and all around the shops! Had I been a bit more organised I would have remembered to take the picture with me actually wearing it! But here's the next best thing.

Primark (old) - size 20
You may notice I keep a lot of my jewellery on a cork notice board. I'm planning to do a blog post on that later in the year. I love to keep jewellery out so that I can see it all the time (even if it is a dust collector!)
Have a look to see what everyone else is up to:


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