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Thursday 28 August 2014

Outfit August day 28 - a pretty flouncy dress!

Hello everyone!

Well, I thought August would be a quiet month! How wrong was I? But not complaining at all, I love to be busy esp if I'm having fun as well.

To make up for my lack of Outfit August posts (oops) I'll be combining a few days into one later. But first of all, this is a dress I wore at the weekend for evening out with some friends.

I really love this dress. It falls mid-calf (despite how the photo looks) and reminds me of summer days and almost 1950's styling. It looks kind of blocky in the top photo, but is fitted on the waist. It's a dress that makes you want to swish and flounce your way into a room :-). It's from TU at Sainsbury and I'm wearing a 22.

The pink Bambi necklace is part of my haul from my last visit to Afflecks Palace in Manchester. It's from Punky Pins and looking at their website, I could spend a fortune there - they have some amazing colourful jewellery.

I even pushed the boat out and painted my nails (trust me - if you know me, you'll know this is a rare occurence) I used the Models Own speckled egg colours that were all the rage in the summer. They last really well on me and are one of my favourite nail varnishs at the moment.

I hope to be a bit more on top of things for the last few days of August! In the meantime, these are the other lovely folk taking part this month:


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