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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash

Hi everyone,

I've seen lots and lots of reviews of this new product from Benefit. There's a free sample with this months edition of Elle. So here's what I thought of it.

Bu first of all I have to say - I am no expert on make-up! Most days I wear none at all and I'm normally seen running through the beauty departments like a hunted rabbit. I tend to stick with what I know and I have to admit I don't like to spend a lot on something I won't use a lot. The one product I will tend to use more than anything though is a mascara as I think it helps make me look more awake (perfect for those mornings where you have to try to be as alert as possible), so anything new on the market that's mascara related catches my attention.

Oh my goodness - excuse the early morning just got of bed face! But hopefully it gives you some idea of the before and after.

The sample is a very small - but perfect for popping in an overnight or holiday bag. Overall impression - I would seriously consider buying the full size product - which basically is a big thumbs up from me. It didn't feel clumpy and definitely gave a curling effect. No irritation and it lasted for most of the day. For someone who wants a quick and easy product - it ticked all the boxes.

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  1. I'm not a fan of benefit mascaras. They always shed on me. X

  2. I'm not a fan of benefit mascaras. They always shed on me. X

    1. Touch wood it's been ok for me so far! I've just finished using a Soap & Glory mascara and that really shed! Panda eyes by lunch..... :-(


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