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Monday 9 February 2015

Is it a watch - is it a necklace? Or just more owls

Hi everyone,

Well I promised you all more owls and here they are. After a friend asking me if I liked owls (which I didn't think I did), I'm just realising how much they've crept into my wardrobe.

This is a watch/pendant/necklace that I picked up recently. I'm going to be a bad blogger and admit that I can't tell you the name of the shop - just that it was in Fuerterventura airport! (holiday updates to follow soon).

It wasn't very expensive and to be honest - I'm not expecting the watch part of it to last very long. But the colours and the chunkiness of it appealed. I'm not a fan of fine and delicate jewellery - I'm always worried I'll break it. This has a solid feel and long chain - expect to see it in upcoming blog pictures soon.

Thanks for reading




  1. That's really pretty! I love the pink. xx

  2. Thank you - I have so much pink in my wardrobe, I mustn't buy any more! ('til the next time...)


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