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Monday 2 February 2015

Joe Brown's owls OOTD

Hi everyone,

I can't believe we're in February already. I always think of a February as a bit of a reward for getting through January. It's shorter (less time to pay day) and hopefully thoughts of Spring will soon be on the way.

I visited Dartford last week so while I was staying up there up there I attempted to take some photos for a long overdue OOTD.

Joe Browns at Simply Be (size 22)

It's really hard to get photos of the back of an outfit! Especially when all you have is a hotel mirror. But I think you get the general idea. It certainly reminded me I was overdue for a hair cut.

Later in the day a friend asked me if I liked owls - I said not particularly. Then looked at what I was wearing. It seems without realising owls have crept into my wardrobe. Not sure how I feel about that really. But keep an eye out, there'll be more owls on this blog before the end of the month.

Now while I was up there, the news kept giving us all dire forecasts of snow, ice, thundersnow, the end of the world etc. So I was pleasantly surprised to wake up one morning to this lovely view. I love a bit of snow, but not when I have to drive long distances in it!

View of the grounds of the Campanile Hotel, Dartford.

I still wrapped up warm though

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  1. I love that dress and I'll let you into a secret - I was born in Dartford! :) xx

  2. Yay! I've had a lot of good times in Dartford :-) xx


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