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Saturday 12 December 2015

Blogmas 11 & 12 - Beer!

Hello there,

Welcome to days 11 and 12 of Blogmas! I'm thinking that a post every other day seems to work well - unless I suddenly start doing something wildly exciting...Todays post is one that's been sat in the draft folder for a few weeks so it's about time I published it.

Recently we ambled off to Ringwood Brewery. Now in the past we've been to a whiskey distillery, a gin distillery and a vineyard (Not all in the same day I hasten to add), but no beer yet - until now.

Ringwood Brewery is probably the most local beer producer near to where we live in Hampshire and is the beer of choice when I'm taking presents to friends here in the UK and abroad. We'd heard good things about the tour they ran and as we had tour vouchers to use and beer presents to buy we had the perfect excuse.

I like beer, but I'm not much of a drinker and so decided to drive. Now in the past I've always found tours like this tended to be a bit one sided against the non-drinkers, well not this one. We all met in the bar and straight away they offered you a beer of your choice and unlimited soft drinks for the drivers and decent half-pint portions they were too. They didn't make you feel like the odd one out for not drinking so for that alone they get a big thumbs up!

I'm not going to go into technical details about the ins and outs of brewing (purely because I'll get it all wrong and mixed up) but the tour was relaxed with plenty of time to ask questions, peer in all the corners and taste the hops used. There were lots of us on the tour, easily 20+, but it didn't feel too squashed or hurried.

After the tours, we went back to the bar where the beer drinkers could try the rest of the beers on offer. It seemed to be unlimited samples for the time we were in there! There certainly seemed to be some happy people when we left. They kept me topped up with soft drinks so I was happy too.

Even the non-drinkers got a chance to pull some pints! This was really good fun and a nice extra, not sure I'm cut out to be a barmaid though.

At the end of the tour, we were all allowed to keep our glasses. After an (expensive) exit through the shop, I think it was a really good way to pass a wet and miserable morning and very good value for money. If you're ever in the area, I'd really recommend this, especially for the non-drinkers/drivers.

This character seems to be the Brewery emblem.

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