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Monday 7 December 2015

Blogmas days 6 and 7 - quiet days and Christmas music

Hello there,

The last couple of days have been pretty quiet, which doesn't make for exciting Blogmas material. So during this lull (aka normal life) I started thinking about Christmas music.

I have all the Christmas CDs in the car right now and I find I keep playing the same ones over and over again. So here's my top 5 favourite - what do you think? Are there any here you love or hate?

(Yep - Die Hard 2 is a Christmas movie in our house)

I remember being in New Look in Oxford Street once when this was playing. The two young girls next to me were so horrified - they thought it was so rude! I think it's kind of beautiful and very sad.

I like this Mariah Carey song - and I'm proud of it.

This anti-war song seems even more relevant this Christmas.

Finally, this is a such a classic and is Christmas all wrapped up for me in one song.

I could have done way more than 5 - maybe I'll add some more later in the month. 

Sephora Advent Calendar 6 was a cute mini bath bomb - very good! Day 7 was place cards (I think...) photo to follow for that.

Thanks for reading




  1. I love all those songs! Listening to Christmas songs really cheers me up. xx

  2. Me too! I've been singing along in the car all this week :-) xx


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