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Sunday 6 December 2015

Blogmas day 5 - Mottisfont Abbey

Day 5 of Blogmas and I decided to get out and about. The plan was just to tackle the local supermarket (on a Saturday before Christmas? Madness). But eventually decided to go via Mottisfont Abbey and have a little walk around the grounds.

Mottisfont is only about 30-40 mins away and situated in a beautiful part of Hampshire right next to the River Test. With some of the weather we've had lately, the river was looking pretty high but nothing was flooded (yet) so it was an uneventful trip there.

It's that time of year where the Santa hat and gloves come out.

A horse made of chicken wire - so lifelike I had to look twice

The obligatory silly pose...

Mottisfont is a beautiful place to spend a winter or summer day. It's owned by the National Trust so unfortunately isn't the cheapest place to visit. But if you can, there's plenty to look at and see. They're doing a lot of work over winter building a new restaurant so we may do a repeat visit in the summer.

As for the Sephora Advent Calendar for day 5 - this was a little booklet on how to do your make-up. Not that impressed tbh. Especially as it was so small I needed my glasses to read it! Hopefully the following days will be better. But I guess that's the risks you take with a calendar like this.

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