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Friday 11 December 2015

Blogmas day 10 - candles burning bright

Hello there,

I think I am developing a bit of a candle addiction! I seem to be gathering a growing collection and this morning I decided it was time to dig out some of my Christmas ones.

My absolute favourite scent at any time of year is cinnamon, but it's been so hard this year to find a good cinnamon scent that doesn't have clove as well (which isn't so nice and reminds me of the dentist too much).

I bought this little candle from Primark a few weeks ago on the off chance it would be good. Oh my goodness - it's better than good. For something so little, it works so well. The whole house smells of cinnamon and it's lasting really well. I'm heading back to Primark soon to try and buy some more, but I have a sneaking suspicion they may all be gone.

I was so pleased though when I received the Winter Berry candle from my Secret Santa - Thank you! You picked a perfect pressie

I have a little side table that I use to keep candles and bits and bobs on, when they're all lit, it makes the whole room feel warm and cosy.

I've had the house candle burner for years now and it makes me smile every time I unpack it.

Sephora Advent Calendar update - day 10 was another travel shower cream, peony scent. I have quite a collection of travel and sample sizes. For me, it's a really good way of trying something before you commit to the full size product - plus it's handy for weekends away.

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